Thanks to you, the #DowntownDownhill dream will come true.

A huge thanks to everyone who voted, shared, emailed, called, canvassed, yelled from rooftops, hung posters, painted cars. Thanks for the videos, the memes, the photos, the personal pleas. Thanks to your support, Knoxville won the $100,000 Bell Helmets Bell Built grant by an overwhelming margin. We EARNED it.

Keep and bookmarked and stay updated on further developments.

We can’t wait for you to see what’s coming downhill.



About the Knoxville Urban Wilderness Gravity Mountain Bike Trail

Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness has over 40 miles of trails for biking and hiking. The proposed “Gravity Trail” – which will include rock gardens, drops, and constructed features –will put us on the map as one of the premiere outdoor recreation destinations. It will add a cool new feature to our trails, attract new riders and businesses, and increase the desirability of our community.

Here’s why it’s important to you:

  • Recreational bicycling is a $200 billion industry in the US
  • One in 20 Americans makes a living off outdoor recreation — 70,000 in Tennessee
  • For every dollar spent on bicycling tourism, $7 more is spent in locations they visit
  • Property values close to trails and greenways are up to 30% higher
  • Knoxville is within one day’s drive of 75% of the US population